I'm Niels,
UX Designer

from Hamburg.

I support companies develop digital products that are tailored to the needs of their users. I create intuitive user interfaces and design systems for a positive user experience with consistent UI design.

UX Niels Meier Portrait
UX Niels Meier Portrait
UX Niels Meier Portrait

Next Generation
Fleet Management

In one of my biggest projects so far I've shaped the digitalization of maritime software as a Lead UX Designer.

Seafarer Culinary

In a design sprint at OTG, we focused on the topic of "Wellbeing of Seafarers". In detail, we addressed the importance of food at sea.

"The most important person on board of a vessel is not the captain, but the cook!"

Phototherapie HMI

HMIs design for the BiliLux phototherapy light for Dräger Medical.

Nautic Design System

Design of the Nautic design system based on design tokens.

UI Design Snapshots

About me

I have been working enthusiastically in the IT industry for over 20 years and, after positions in the e-commerce and medical technology industries, have been working as a freelance UX designer in various companies since 2016. As a facilitator for User Experience I focus on user-centered design prozesses.

I am mostly a permanent member of a project team, but I also take on individual steps. If you have an interesting permanent position to fill, let's talk.

Tools I mainly use during my work


The following companies are or have been among my clients:

UX Courses

I regularly conduct UX courses by the Experience Design Institut (XDi) based in Berlin. These practical workshops are aimed at companies and their employees, freelancers and self-employed professionals, as well as career starters and changers.

Looking for a UX Design course?

Check out the website from XDi and book a UX class close to your location.

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